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I’ve just been doing a few searches to try and see what I can find out about BBC3’s new zombie drama – In the Flesh.

Here’s a trailer for it –

Looks good doesn’t it?

Basically it tells the story of zombie teenager Kieren Walker  and his reintegration back into both the local community and the heart of his family.

After his death four years ago, his friends and family thought they’d never see Kieren again. But then, shortly after his funeral, thousands of the dead were re-animated; and now, after months of re-habilitation and medication, the zombies are gradually being returned to their homes.

There’s a whole load of zombie resentment going on. Well who wouldn’t resent them after the bloody battles that ensued after the rising of the dead? Kieren is also getting flashbacks about what he did in his untreated state.

It’s a three-part drama and it looks like it start on Sunday, March 17 at 10pm.

I love the Government information film – Keep Calm and Avoid the Dead. It’s just how it would be done. THink about all those cheesy government information films we get about drinking too much, or not doing enough exercise. Here it is – In the Flesh – Avoid the Dead

Here’s the BBC3 page for it –In the Flesh

I can’t wait – what about you?