Book reviews

Book / Series Author Rating Review
Ragnorak Rising – the Awakening D. A. Roberts 4.5/5 Ragnorak Rising
Zombie Fallout Series- Zombie Fallout
– Zombie Fallout 2 – A Plague on Your Family
– Zombie Fallout 3 – The End…
– Zombie Fallout 3.5 – Dr Hugh Mann
– Zombie Fallout 4 – The End Has Come And Gone
– Zombie Fallout 5 – Alive in a Dead World
– Zombie Fallout 6 – ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Mark Tufo 5/5 Zombie Fallout
Warm Bodies Issac Marion 5/5 Warm Bodies
Sanctuary – Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Joshua Jared Scott 4/5 Santuary
Tankbread Paul Mannering 4/5 Tankbread
Last Hope – Book One: Onslaught Drew Brown 4/5 Last Hope
Surviving the Dead Series James Cook 4/5 Surviving the Dead
Rot and Ruin Series- Rot and Ruin
– Dust and Decay
– Dead and Gone (a shorter story, introducing a new character)
– Flesh and Bone
Jonathan Maberry 5/5 Rot and Ruin

OK, these are non-zombie but they are perfectly post-apocalyptic and dramatically disptopian!

Book / Series Author Rating Review
After: the Shock
(This is book 1 in the series.  After: the Echo is not out yet)
Scott Nicolson 3.4/5 After: the Shock

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