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The WandererOK, I admit it. This isn’t a zombie book but it IS a post-apocalyptic book. There aren’t any zombies in it, but the landscape is similar and to be honest the humans are as bad as zombies in most zombie books.

This book is set about 5 years after a virus has wiped out virtually all of the population. The book is centred around a boy, who is around 15. His parents died during the outbreak and he has been pretty much alone since. He spends his days wandering around his hometown.

No information about where the town is, or his exact age, or his name is given. It;s clearly the UK, but could be any city/town. It all adds to the feeling that the world we know ended 5 years ago. It really sets the scene to say that anything that happened before just doesn’t matter anymore. Oer the years of living alone and wandering through his town he has become very used to his existence and almost scared of change. The routine is probably what keeps him going and keeps him sane.

Something happens that jolts him out of this, erm I was going to say ‘cosy existence’ but that’s clearly not right in a  post-apocalyptic world… anyway, something happens that has the potential to completely change his existence, if he follows it. After 5 years of being alone in his own little (dead) world that could be quite a wrench.

I really liked this book and I had to admit I only spent 99p on it. Very well worth this tiny sum of money!

I know it’s not zombies, but go on and give it a try. Bits of the book will stay with you…