Are you prepared for a zombie attack? Well, Britain is!

Posted: January 24, 2013 in News
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zombie apocalypseI was idly looking around the web today and couldn’t believe that I’d missed this story on the Telegraph. Actually I can, as it was Boxing day so I was probably eating chocolates and watching trash TV.

Anyway, a Freedom of Information request was put in and the British government responded. This is the full article here.

Apparently if we were to be invaded by hoards of zombies, “civil servants would co-ordinate the military’s efforts to return England to its pre-attack glory”. It would be the Cabinet Office that had to deal with the aftermath if attacks from the undead and not the MoD. Well, most zombie books I’ve read always have the army coming to rescue survivors, not a bunch of civil servants. Quite a strange though that some pen-pushers would be the zombie attack force coordinators!

Similar FoD requests have been put into local councils.

For example, Leicester doesn’t sound like it has any preparations for a zombie apocalypse – you can read an article about it here from the BBC.

Then again, Bristol sounds a lot more clued up the possibility of being over run by zombies. The guardian reported details here.

A similar request was put to Nottingham council and they came back with the following response – here. Personally I would have thought Nottingham council may have been a bit more aware of the potential of attacks from hoards of the undead as Zombie Hood has been in film production for a couple of years and has seen lots of extras playing zombies around the city.

Anyway, how are you zombie apocalypse plans progressing??

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